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Church Fittings and Vestments

The Castle with the Chapel was designed by James Paine and the chapel opened in 1776. It was extended by Sir John Soane in 1790 to include the altar by Giacomo Quarenghi.




James PAINE’S original design for the chapel, which opened in 1776, ended with an apse at the communion rail.

The Sanctuary, designed by SOANE, was added in 1790 to accommodate the altar. The altar was designed by QUARENGHI and built in Rome in the workshop of VINELLI. The figures on either side of the tabernacle are of SS Peter and Paul.

The altar is formed of a slab of sienna marble; the sarcophagus is of verde antique; the panels under the mensa are alabastro fierito and other marbles adorn it.

The altarpiece was commissioned for the chapel and is by GIUSEPPE CADES (1750–1799).

The sanctuary lamps are by LUIGI VALADIER (1726–1785).


The Glorification of the Eucharist by GERARD SEGHERS (1591–1651) – a pupil of Rubens; a copy of Rubens’ picture for the High Altar of the Shod Carmelites,  Antwerp. Rubens’ painting was destroyed by fire.


The Coronation of the Virgin by CORNELIUS SCHULTZE


Fathers of the Church discussing The Dogma of The Immaculate Conception by GASPAR DE CRAYER (1582–1669), a copy of the picture by GUIDO RENI in The Hermitage.


The Samaritan Woman at the Well by LOUIS DE BOULANGER. This used to hang in Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris. It was bought at the time of the revolution when the cathedral was stripped of its religious artefacts and made “The Palace of Reason”.


The Assumption by GASPAR DE CRAYER (1582–1669)


The Return from the Flight into Egypt by GIUSEPPE CHIARI (1654–1727)


The Stations of the Cross are 19th Limoges Enamel by ERNEST BLANCHER.


Madonna & Child by MONNOT 1703. This marble relief was in the private oratory of the

Jesuit General when the Society of Jesus was suspended.


The organ (1791) is the work of SAMUEL GREEN and was restored in 1960 under the

direction of RALPH DOWNES.


Sanctuary Window FRANCIS EGINTON (1737–1805)