Sarah Bonner-Morgan (MSTAT)

Private Lessons

To book lessons in Edinburgh (Blackhall, EH4) or Belfast or for more
information please contact me on: 

Tel:  0131 315 2635 Mob. 0777 357 0395    


Cost:  £40.00 per 40 minute lesson. 
10 % Discount for block bookings of 10 lessons.

About Private Lessons

Traditionally the Alexander Technique is taught one-to-one. All of us 
have a well-used set of postural habits that influences our activities - from 
running a marathon to doing the washing up.  A 40 minute lesson gives 
you the time and space to observe and address your unique patterns of thought 
and movement.  With gentle hands-on guidance and verbal encouragement you 
can learn to quieten and calm your body's initial reaction to a stimulus, perhaps 
a simple suggestion to sit in a chair. This pause before action allows time for 
your natural balance and poise to reassert itself and the subsequent movement 
can seem wonderfully easy and fluid.

During a course of lessons you may
begin to feel more effortlessly in control, at ease and increasingly free
from chronic aches and pains.  As you begin a course of lessons (usually 20-30)
 we work with very basic activities - sitting down, standing up, lying down,
walking.  As your skills grow you will find yourself applying the technique
to your specialist activities whether arts, sports, crafts, computer skills,
teaching, parenting, public speaking or simply making a cup of tea.  I suggest
pupils wear loose, comfortable clothing for lessons. 

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Private Lessons