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A photomontage showing what Felsham windmill may have looked like before its removal in 1867. The mill would have rivalled the church tower in height and must have dominated this part of the village. The building to the right of the windmill is the Live and Let Live beer-house on Upper Green, while the house to the left is Windmill Cottage on the Cockfield Road

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The Felsham Fair

Where was Felsham’s Chapel (1851)

Notes for a history of Felsham by John Tilley, 1951

A Felsham Emigrant Family in Victorian times

Book Review: Peter Northeast (ed.) Wills of the Archdeaconry of Sudbury

Where are the twelve moats of Felsham?

More about the moats of Felsham

The Risbys of Felsham (Lords of the Manor)


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Felsham village life in 1840*

Schooling in Felsham & Gedding 1818 to 1945

The autobiography of a Suffolk Farm Labourer

Farm labourers and their families in a Suffolk Village

Thomas Anderson – Rector of Felsham 1822-1872

Felsham Census Returns 1841 to 1911









Gedding Census Returns 1841 and 1851





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Signposts to local history May 2014

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* “Felsham village life in 1840: the main documentary evidence”.  This booklet contains the following: