This photograph of Felsham Upper Green is undated but is probably pre-1890.  The thatched cottage in the distance on the Bury Road is not shown in later photographs.   This photograph, taken in winter, clearly shows smoke pouring from the smithy’s chimney.  It has been remembered that a spark from the forge led to thatched cottages near the green burning down sometime in the late 19th century.  

Upper Green

In the 1930s the EADT newspaper published a series entitled POCKET HISTORIES OF SUFFOLK PARISHES.  No. 251 was on FELSHAM.  The "Pocket history" included several black and white photos.  Four are shown below.  The text that accompanied the photos included this paragraph:

Some half a century ago Felsham was described as a "well-built village," and, fortunately, even after the lapse of so many years,  the same description can be applied today.  for here are few examples of those tumbledown or rudely-patched habitations which disfigure some places, no signs of neglect or decay.  There are cosy and inviting cottages; there is a pleasant and comfortable-looking inn, and, although this village of West Suffolk is not so picturesque, perhaps, as some, it is certainly situated in quite delightful country, with those refreshing features of field and woodland, which, although general enough in the district, yet never fail to appeal. [Yeoman]


  • Felsham Church c. 1930

    Felsham Church c. 1930
  • Felsham cottage c. 1930

    Felsham cottage c. 1930
  • Felsham cottage 2 c. 1930

    Felsham cottage 2 c. 1930
  • Felsham cottage 3 c. 1930

    Felsham cottage 3 c. 1930