“Tamsin Elliott’s FREY rubber-stamps the arrival of a new British talent, full of beautiful, filmic compositions for accordion, harp, whistle and voice”
- The Guardian

Debut album 'FREY' out now!

A new addition for Penny Fiddle Records, FREY is the debut solo album from Tamsin Elliott, a Bristol-based folk musician, composer and film-maker, and co-leader of fusion project Solana.

"Tamsin Elliott's debut album, FREY, is, in a word, sublime. Few albums this year have taken us on such a magical journey" - TradFolk




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Tamsin Elliott - FREY live showreel

Lullaby // I Dreamed I was an Eagle

"Such music can offer clarity while the chaos of life threatens to engulf us and ‘Lullaby’ is a prime example of this... the musical equivalent of shinrin yoku (forest bathing)"
- Folk Radio UK

Film by Kate Griffin

Old Wax Jacket // A Coat of Sawdust

"A joyful example of what can happen when traditional music is so embedded in the musician’s psyche that it can’t help but spill out into original creations"
- TradFolk

Featuring Sid Goldsmith and Rowan Rheingans

Tamsin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and film-maker based in Bristol, UK. With roots in the folk music of the British Isles, her interests and playing styles extend to the musics of Eastern Europe, the Mediterranean and the Middle East as well as experimental and classical.


A celebration of the creativity that came out of one small suburban house in Bristol, home to eight musicians and four rescue chickens during the first few months of lockdown 2020. 
Directed by Tamsin Elliott
Filmed by Tamsin Elliott & Sid Goldsmith
Audio production by Sid Goldsmith

Tamsin Elliott & Tarek Elazhary

Tamsin is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and filmmaker based in Bristol, UK, collaborating with Egyptian educator and composer Tarek Elazhary, who seeks to preserve the musical heritage of the Middle East, while exploring its place within a contemporary context.

Exploring the parallels and celebrating the idiosyncrasies of both Egyptian and English folk traditions, Elliott and Elazhary aim to find commonality, foster cross-cultural connection and help to heal the scars of a colonial past through meaningful and conscious collaboration.

We are excited and honoured to receive the Alan James Creative Bursary from EFDSS to develop this work, as well as "Record and Release" support from Help Musicians UK.

 Gathering, Parting (When Bright Shines the Moon)

Oud player Tarek Elazhary and percussionist Salma Amr (Cairo, Egypt) join Tamsin for this performance of her new composition 'Gathering, Parting (When Bright Shines the Moon)'.

"Dreamlike and mesmerising" - Folk Radio UK

Coyí d'un Artu una Flor

Traditional Asturian Tonada, arranged for flute, oud and percussion. Egypt, January 2020

Flute: Tamsin Elliott
Oud: Tarek Elazhary
Riq: Salma Amr 


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