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Carlisle Meeting House seen from the ramparts of Carlisle Castle. Fisher Street is on the right of the Meeting House, with the small car park alongside. In the distance above you can see the North Pennines.

A closer view of Carlisle Meeting House from Carlisle Castle.

While the external appearance of the Carlisle Meeting House (the building) might be considered unattractive (although inside is very pleasant), the Quaker Meeting in Carlisle (the people) is attractive, being harmonious and loving (at least that's what we think!), and visitors are always welcome. The Meeting House is situated at the bottom of Fisher Street, opposite Carlisle Castle and close to the centre of the City. There is limited parking at the Meeting House but there are several public car parks nearby.

Meeting for Worship takes place every Sunday morning to which all are welcome, not only members but anyone who wishes to enjoy the quiet of a Quaker meeting. Enquirers are also welcome; their questions will be answered but there will be no pressure to take the connection further.

Right - Carlisle Castle seen through the
Meeting House windows. George Fox was imprisoned in the Castle.

Regular Events

For details of irregular events throughout Cumberland Area Meeting see the Events page.

(Left) Some of the people from Carlisle Quaker Meeting pose for the camera one Sunday recently..

Correspondence and enquiries to:
The Clerk
Friends Meeting House
Fisher Street

For general enquiroes contact the clerk Mary Savage E-mail: or telephone 01768 - 889 144
Room hire enquiries: Phone (Beverley Branch):   e-mail: or  07400 - 718 048 
For other contacts, please see the Contacts page