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Hire of Rooms at Carlisle Meeting House



Carlisle Quakers welcome enquiries and requests for the use of the Meeting House from individuals, groups and organisations whose work we as Friends might wish to support. In general terms, we support self-development, community and charitable activities of a non-commercial (non-profit) nature. However Carlisle Quaker Meeting reserves the right to request written details of the aims and policies of those wishing to use the Premises to enable us to understand their needs and objectives;

Carlisle Quaker Meeting reserves the right to conduct necessary background checks on any potential Hirer and/or their speakers prior to confirmation of bookings.

All current legislation and regulations must be complied with during the Hire Period so as to ensure that no discrimination takes place regarding gender, race, colour, ethnicity, nationality, religion or belief, sexual orientation, disability or age.

No smoking, alcohol, gambling (including raffles) or drugs are permitted anywhere on the Premises.

A proposed booking may be refused if:

a. The aims or policies of the Hirer or Guests are in serious conflict with Quaker principles.

b. The Hirer or Guests have been linked to violence or incitement to hatred or violence.

c. Misbehaviour has occurred during a previous hiring or at another Quaker property.

d. The Hirer persistently breaches the Booking Conditions as set out in the sections below.

e. A contravention of Fire or Health and Safety regulations may reasonably be anticipated.

 A copy of the agreement is available here. The last page is an agreement which has to be signed.


The rooms that are normally available for booking:
Charges until 31 December 2018


Maximum seating

Charge per hour

Charge for all day

Small Meeting Room




Large Meeting Room




The whole building




The rooms that are normally available for booking:
Charges from 01 January 2019


Maximum seating

Charge per hour

Charge for all day

Small Meeting Room




Large Meeting Room




The whole building




There is a minimum period of booking of 2 hours. Charges are reviewed annually. There are no special discounts for particular organisations or groups.

When requesting a room booking, please provide relevant details of your organisation, the contact person, the invoicing address, and the nature of your proposed activities, the room and times requested. As noted in section 1 above we may require a written statement about your group’s aims and details of any guest speakers. Normally we conduct correspondence by email.

We issue invoices monthly to room hirers. All charges are at the discretion of the Bookings Coordinator. Payment is requested within 21 days from invoicing. Any breakages, damage or additional cleaning that is required will be charged additionally to the hirer. Failure to pay on time may lead to the cancellation of further bookings.

Payments. These can be by BACS direct to our bank account (Carlisle Quaker Meeting, Sort code 16-52-21, A/c 52209521) or by cheque payable to ‘Carlisle Quaker Meeting’. In the case of payments by BACS please give the invoice number as the reference. Cheques should be left at the Meeting House for the attention of the Bookings Coordinator. For those who have to pay by cash, the cash must be brought to the Meeting House between 10:00 and 10:30 on Sundays and handed to the treasurer or his deputy. NOTE: On the first occasion of using the Meeting House, payment is required at the time of the booking.

The Agreement You are also required to sign two copies of the Agreement as on the final page attached, and return one copy to the Room Hire Coordinator in good time before you use the Meeting House. No bookings are accepted unless we have received the agreement.

Cancellations. If you find it necessary to cancel a booking, you should notify us as soon as possible, as it may prevent us accepting an alternative booking. If you do not advise us of a cancellation before the day preceding the day in which your booking has been made you will be liable for payment, unless there are exceptional circumstances, and by agreement.

Preparation Time If you need time to prepare or set up equipment before the start of your gathering, or allow time for the room to become warm, please include that period when requesting your booking.

Contact Person For all enquiries and booking requests, please contact the bookings coordinator at Telephone – 07400 – 718 048

The address of the Meeting House is: Carlisle Quaker Meeting House, Fisher Street, CARLISLE CA3 8RR. Further information on the meeting house can be found at


On arrival, If you become a regular user you will be supplied with a key (deposit of £5.00) against the name of the group leader, and the key must not be given to anyone else, and must not be copied in any circumstances. If your group ceases to meet on a regular basis the key must be handed back. For your first booking, or if you are only using the premises occasionally, please make arrangements for access to the building with the Bookings Coordinator. Please see the agreement form attached. If you are only an occasional user of the Meeting House you will obtain the key from the key safe at the front of the Meeting House. The key must be returned to the safe before departure. The combination for the safe must be kept confidential. [Note that you have to use the code to close the safe!]

On departure, all rooms must be tidied, the kitchen left clean, and all furniture restored to its original layout. Please leave the building fully secure and locked with windows closed. Please turn off all lights. (Note that the ones in the lobby and corridor work automatically). Please turn off the heating if you have switched it on. Note that the front door may need pulling to until it is locked. Please check from the outside that the door is locked. If you have had a key from the safe, please return it to the key safe.

Heating The heating in the Meeting House is normally left switched off. The heating is controlled from a programmer in the lobby. Isolators for the individual heaters must not been used, and the thermostats on heaters MUST NOT be adjusted. There are instructions on the programmer on the wall above it, but on your first visit the Bookings Coordinator will show you how to work the heating controls.

Safety Hirers are responsible for their group’s safety while on the premises, and should pay attention to the condition of any electrical equipment (e.g. projector) that is brought on to the premises.

Kitchen Hire of any room includes the use of the kitchen facilities for refreshments. You need to provide your own tea, coffee, milk, etc. You are not permitted to use the oven or the microwave.

Disabled Access We seek to be fully welcoming to everyone without distinction. Our premises have disabled access including a toilet for people with disabilities. Access for wheel chairs is via the rear door. We can provide a hearing loop in the main meeting room.

Car Parking We have a small on-site car park. During morning and afternoon sessions parking is limited to the leader of the group who will be issued with a parking permit on request, but in the evening up to four cars may park without permits.

Audio Visual We regret that we do not have WiFi and TV projection facilities. However the large meeting room does have a hearing loop. The switch for this is in the SE corner of the room. Please turn it off afterwards.


Safeguarding of Vulnerable Adults and Children.We have our own comprehensive Quaker policy for Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults. Where hirers allow children, young people or vulnerable adults onto the premises, you must have your own safeguarding arrangements in place. You must confirm to us in writing that you have such a policy of your own, or that you are willing to use our policy which available at  

Please see the agreement form attached.

Accidents & damage You must inform us of any accidents, breakages, shortages or damages as soon as possible.

Insurance The Meeting House has comprehensive insurance arranged by Carlisle Quaker Meeting against any claim which may be attributed to Quakers’ responsibility. All users of the meeting house should consider whether their activities may give rise to injury, loss or damage, and arrange insurance accordingly. However Carlisle Quaker Meeting has an extension to its insurance policy which covers public liability of those using the premises. We do not accept claims in respect of hirers’ property kept or left on the premises.

Version 3 - October 2018



Between Carlisle Quaker Meeting

(part of Cumberland Area Quaker Meeting, Charity No. 1161207)


Name ______________________ of Group _______________________


1. Policy re. Safeguarding of Children and Vulnerable Adults

1      I confirm that (please tick the option chosen)

a. we have our own policy


b      we will use the policy adopted by Cumberland Area Quaker Meeting


2. Keys

I agree that if I am issued with a key, that –

·        I will not copy the key.

·        I will not lend the key to others.

·        I will hand the key back if my group ceases to use the premises.


3. Payment

I will pay within 21 days of receiving an invoice.

I understand that if I cancel a booking without reasonable notice that I shall still be liable to pay.


4. Other conditions

I have read this agreement understand the conditions regarding the use of Carlisle Quaker Meeting House. I understand that if the conditions are not met, then this agreement may be terminated.



Signed _______________________            Date ________________