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Note all email addresses are "...@cumberlandquakers.org.uk
Whom in Cumberland AM you should contact depends on why you want to contact us:

¶ If you are a member of the public wanting some information about our Meetings in Alston, Carlisle, Mosedale or Penrith, or if you want to book one of our Meeting Houses for a function, then these are the contact details:

Meeting E-mail contact: Telephone (Clerk) E-mail, bookings: Telephone (Bookings)
Alston alston@cumb..... 01434 - 381 563 alston@cumb.....  
Carlisle carlisle.clerk@cumb..... 01768 - 889 144 carlisle.bookings@cumb..... 01228 - 538 573
Cockermouth cockermouth.clerks@cumb..... 01900 - 821 241 cockermouth.bookings@cumb..... 0
Keswick keswick.clerk@cumb..... 017687 - 74 155 keswick.bookings@cumb..... 0
Mosedale mosedale@cumb..... 017687 - 79 397 mosedale@cumb.....  
Penrith penrith.clerk@cumb..... 07786 - 073 584 penrith.bookings@cumb..... 07971 - 744976
Whitehaven whitehaven@cumb..... 01946 - 694 634 0

Note that if you wish to write to us rather than use E-mail, please refer to the relevant page on each of the four local meetings for the address to which to write.

¶ If you are a member of the press or media and you want information about our events, or you wish us to comment on some issue, then please contact:

  E-mail contact: Telephone
AM Clerk am.clerk@cumb..... 01900 - 823 228

¶ If you need to contact us regarding some legal matter, or something to do with one of our properties including the burial grounds at Allonby, Beckfoot and Moorhouse, then please contact:

  E-mail contact: Telephone
Clerk of Trustees am.trustees@cumb..... 017687 - 79 397

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