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Wigton & Ayton Friends Schools Trust

Young Quaker?
Going on a course or to a Quaker event this year?
Need a little help with educational expenses?

The WIGTON & AYTON FRIENDS SCHOOL TRUST can give you 75 towards the cost!
The Trust makes grants to help towards educational expenses of all types (including books and equipment), for travel in furtherance of educational aims or for attendance at Quaker events.
To be eligible for a grant you must be under 25 and you or your parent must be a member or attender of a Quaker Meeting within Scotland General Meeting or the former Cumberland or Durham General Meeting areas. Our basic grant is 75 per young person per year. However we can give grants of more than 75 to those in financial hardship: please get in touch but also ask the Clerk or an overseer of your meeting to write in support of your application. For a grant of 75 please just ask. The clerk looks forward to hearing from you!

Christine Sutherland
3 Sand Croft, PENRITH CA11 8BB ~ christinepsutherland@gmail.com
Registered charity no. 1101297