Event 3 - The Golden Age Revived
Dame Emma Kirkby, soprano with lutenist Jakob Lindberg
Saturday, 13 June 2015, 7:30pm in St. Cuthbert's Church

This fascinating programme focuses on the songs of the late Renaissance and early Baroque composers who drew much of their inspiration from the stirring tales of Classical literature, in a time when civil war and religious persecution were rife. From Theseus and Ariadne to Dido and Aeneas via The Time of Creation and Arcadian Pastoral Life, the great duo explores this period of significant musical out put through the music of Dowland, d'India, Purcell, Ferrabosco and more.

Tickets will cost 20 [10]

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Photo credits:

Emma Kirkby by Bibi Basch.

Jakob Lindberg by Alexander Lindberg.