Pete Keal - Storyteller

"... painting pictures with words ..." 

STORYTELLING is as old as language itself. Today, through sharing our experiences, thoughts and dreams, the spoken word remains integral to the richness of our lives. Telling stories kindles the mind's creativity as the tales entertain us, feed us, teach us and heal us.

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Pete Keal

12 Rose Grove

Tel : +44 (0)1422 885211

Voip no: 08444 870815
Skype name: petekea

          PETE KEAL has been working as a storyteller since 1991. He has a repertoire of Folk Tales, Legends, Trickster Tales, Myths, Wonder Tales and Lies that embraces the unusual, the magical, the humorous, the challenging and sometimes the thoroughly nasty ... stories from many countries and cultures ... stories with heroines … stories to absorb the listener … stories to touch the heart. 

Pete brings a vibrant energy to his telling which is lively and dynamic. He has told stories to people aged from 3 to 93 in schools, libraries, theatres (including the Crucible in Sheffield), museums (The Science Museum, London, among them), hospitals, festivals, tree dressings, story walks and environmental events, pubs, and playschemes. He also runs storytelling workshops.

The stories Pete tells include:

Anansi and the Common Sense
The Baobab Tree's Heart
The Cow that Ate the Piper
Coyote Loses His Eyes
Daughter of the Sun
The Death of the Hodja
The Elder Tree Witch

Friends of the Tree
The Hobyahs
The Merchant Prince of the River
The Queen of the Planets
Sir Gawain and the Loathly Lady
Spirit of the Willow
The Tailor and the Skeleton
The Woman with the Golden Arm
and many more ...


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