Psychogeography Documents

Theory of the Dérive

Article from the second edition of "Internationale Situationiste" in which Debord outlines the method of the dérive used in psychogeographical studies of the city.

Two Accounts of the Dérive

Article from "Les Lévres Nues" #9 in which Debord reports on two dérives.

Psychogeographical Game of the Week

Very brief suggestion for a psychogeographical game/intervention.

Attempt at a Psychogeographical Description of Les Halles

Very detailed acount of a psychogeographic study of the Les Halles area of Paris.

Introduction to a Critique of Urban Geography

Debord's rant against current urban form

Formulary for a New Urbanism

Poetic vision for a new kind of city.

Situationist Definitions

Useful definitions of some of the main Situationist concepts.


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